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The Planning Application Process

When an application is submitted to a Local Authority it is first reviewed to establish whether it is valid. If an application is deemed invalid, a letter will be sent to the applicant outlining the outstanding issues.  Local Authorities are required to prepare Validation Guidance setting out the documentation they will require for particular types of application. 


Once an application is validated, the Local Authority is required to carry out certain formal consultations, for example with the Parish Council or the Local Highways Authority.  The Local Authority will also notify local residents either in writing, by displaying a site notice or both.  Some applications, such as major developments, are also advertised in the local press.  The site will also be inspected by the Case Officer.  It is during this period when letters of objection can be submitted and negotiations can be undertaken by the applicant with a view to resolving any concerns that are raised. 


Once the consultation period has expired, the Case Officer will prepare a report appraising the merits of the application in the context of planning policy, having regard to any views expressed by local residents and consultees.  The resultant decision will either be made under delegated powers to the Development Control Manager, or in the case of more controverisal or major projects, by the Planning Committee.

Rob Duncan Planning Consultancy has extensive experience of the planning application process and can provide you with guidance and advice on the way forward with your project.


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