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Pre-Application Advice

Pre-Appliation Advice with the Local Authority is something which Rob Duncan Planning Consultancy strongly advocates, as it helps to identify any areas of concern that the Local Authority may have, as well as providing an opportunity to enhance the quality of the proposed development.  This provides greater certainty to developers and can assist in ensuring the application has an easier ride when it is submitted.  Pre-Application Advice is becoming increasingly important given the impending changes to National Planning Guidance.


Rob Duncan Planning Consultancy can assist you in this process by negotiating the best possible schemes to meet Development Plan policy and thus minimise the likelihood of permission being refused.  With an increasing focus on Development Management, pre-application advice has become a particularly useful tool to assess the implications of a proposed development.   


Rob Duncan Planning Consultancy provides specialist town and country planning advice to landowners, householders and developer’s alike, and specialises in the areas of Lichfield, Burton-on-Trent, Stafford, Tamworth, Leek, and the rural areas inbetween.  If you need help applying for planning permission, have had planning permission refused, or just want some general planning advice, please do not hesitate to contact us.


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