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Planning Permission & Building Regulations

It is a common misconception that Planning Permission and Building Regulations approval are one and the same thing.  However they are not.  Planning permission is concerned with the impact of new development on the character and appearance of its surroundings, impact on neighbours, and highway safety etc.  The Building Regulations on the other hand are there to ensure that new development is constructed to appropriate standards.  In most circumstances Building Regulations approval will be required in addition to planning permission.  If you are constructing works as Permitted Development it should be noted that Building Regulations approval may still be required, so make sure you check with your Local Authority.


Rob Duncan Planning Consultancy can advise you every step of the planning process and has numerous contacts who specialise in the Building Regulations.  If you have a parcel of land or property which you wish to develop, particularly in the Staffordshire and wider Midlands area, do not hesitate to contact us for an initial free discussion.

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