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National Planning & Policy Framework – Housing Delivery

The Government has this week published its draft National Planning and Policy Framework.  The framework sets out guidance on key national objectives such as safeguarding the natural environment, combating climate change and supporting sustainable local growth.  Local Authorities and communities will be able to produce their own plans reflecting the needs and priorities for their own areas.


Rob Duncan Planning Consultancy has already  covered the emerging the presumption in favour of sustainable development, and in this article focuses on the Government’s approach to Housing delivery as outlined in the draft Framework.


The draft Framework identifies that Councils need to be ambitious in delivering new homes for their comments, and should ensure that their Local Plan meets the full demand for market and affordable housing in their areas.  The Framework also notes that there could be incentives for communities to accept growth.  Significantly, the Framework maintains the expectation that Councils should have a rolling five year supply of deliverable sites to meet their housing needs, but abandons top down housing targets for development of previously developed land.  The emphasis is very much on Councils and communities identifying their own needs.


If you have a parcel of land or property that you wish to develop, contact Rob Duncan Planning Consultancy for independant professional advice on the way forward, as well as assistance at pre-application stage and the preparation of high quality Planning and Design and Access Statements.

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