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Discharge of Conditions

If you have had planning permission granted, it is likely to be subject to various conditions.  The number of conditions imposed by the Local Authority will depend upon the complexity of the project.  If if commonplace for some of these conditions to be prior commencement conditions, i.e. they require the submission of details prior to works commencement on site. 


Rob Duncan Planning Consultancy can assist you in making submissionns to the Local Authority to discharge your planning conditions, including negotiation with the Planning Officer where required. 


Similarly, if a condition has been imposed which you disagree with, then Rob Duncan Planning Consultancy can advise you on your options, and either lodge an application to secure its removal or alternatively lodge an appeal against its imposition.  When Local Authorities impose conditions they must comply with a number of tests and Rob Duncan Planning Consultancy can advise whether a particular condition fulfills those tests.



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