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Are New Houses Too Small?

The Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) has derided many new houses within the UK as being too small for family life, using the term “shameful shoebox homes”.  RIBA contend that the average three bedroom home is 8% smaller than the recommended minimum.  The House Builders Federation on the other hand claims that building bigger homes could render them unaffordable to many people, as the properties would become more expensive.


In response to the matter, the Department for Communities and Local Government says that planning reforms will enable neighbourhoods to be able to vote on their own plans for the future of their areas, which will include an ability to exercise meaningful choice over the type and size of homes that are built.


Rob Duncan Planning Consultancy will continue to update its news pages as the new Localism Bill moves forward.  In the meantime if you need any development advice or are interested in preparing a Neighbourhood Plan, please contact us for an initial free discussion.


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