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Agricultural Workers Dwellings

Within the Green Belt and other rural areas, new residential development is often resisted by Local Authorities who are keen to safeguard the character and appearance of these areas.  One exception however are agricultural workers dwellings which are regarded as an appropriate form of development provided a number of criteria are met, including amongst others functional need and financial viability.  The tests are detailed in national planning guidance PPS.7.


Rob Duncan Planning Consultancy has been involved in a number of agricultural worker dwelling schemes and can provide you with the advice necessary to ascertain whether applying for such a scheme would have a good likelihood of success.  If it is we can prepare a detailed Planning Statement to support your application.  It should be noted however that agricultural workers dwellings are not a way of circumventing normal planning restrictions and in granting consent the Council will impose a condition restricting occupancy to agricultural workers.  It is furthermore rare for Local Authorities to remove these conditions. 

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